"My armor is like tenfold shields. My teeth are like swords! My claws, spears!"
--Smaug, to Bilbo Baggins


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Bilbo Baggins
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Smaug was a massive Dragon and the main antagonist in The Hobbit (Animated).


Long ago, Smaug came and dominated the Dwarf city of Erebor . he killed all the Dwarves and Men living in that area and claimed the Dwarves' treasures as his own.

When Thorin and Company decided to take back the gold that was rightfully theirs, however, Smaug's life was interrupted. Bilbo Baggins, an accomplice of Thorin and his Dwarves, snuck into the Dragon's lair. Smaug couldn't see Bilbo, as the Hobbit had put on a certain Ring that gives invisibility, but he could smell him. Bilbo had a conversation with the Dragon and tricked the latter into revealing the one vulnerable spot on his armored body. Bilbo then took one of the many valuables in Smaug's cave, pulled of the Ring and ran. Infuriated, Smaug flew out of his cave and attacked the nearby village of men, whom he believed Bilbo was a part of. Bilbo, however, saw to it that one of the defending men new the location of the chink in Smaug's scales. Bard took careful aim with his bow and shot an arrow straight into Smaug's chest. The Dragon roared with pain and rage and fell out of the air and into the lake, where he died.


Smaug was greedy, arrogant and conceited. He loved treasure and would go to many means to claim some, which he did. Smaug also believed himself invulnerable to harm, saying that his armor was impenetrable. To prove his point he actually exposed his belly to Bilbo and commented, "Rare and wonderful, huh?". Smaug was also easily angered.


Smaug was a massive red Dragon covered in scales. He had thick, course hair all down his back and tail, which was split into three parts at the tip. He also had some hair on his "cheeks". Smaug had rather stubby arms and legs for his size and giant wings. he had a deep, gravelly voice.