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Bifur was a dwarf. He appeared only in The Hobbit (Animated).


Bilbo BagginsEdit

Bifur was a member of the group who arrived at Bilbo Baggins’s House one morning in search of a burglar. They needed on a quest and Bilbo had been chosen. Their leader Thorin Oakenshield tells Bilbo their story. Long ago their was a place called Lonely Mountain and it was the home of his people until a Dragon came and stole the gold. Then Bilbo signes a contract and the journey will begin the next day.


At one point Gandalf was absent and Balin found three trolls. Then Thorin tells Bilbo to steal some of the meat their cooking. Then Bilbo trying but then he gets caught. Then Bilbo tells “Dwarves run for it” but the Dwarves get caught and pushed into bags. Then Gandalf turns it to day and the trolls become stone.

Then Bilbo finds the troll’s cave. Then Thorin and Gandalf claim blade. And Bilbo claims a dagger. Before they leave the troll cave Gandalf gives Thorin a map of Lonely Mountain and tells him about the secret entrance and gives him the key. Then they leave the cave.


Then Gandalf takes then to Rivendell the valley of the elves where Elrond dwells. Then they had a feast with Elrond. Then Elrond tells Thorin his sword is called Orcrist and tells Gandalf his sword is called Glamdring. Then they showed Elrond their map and reads “stand by the gray stone when the thrush knocks and the last light of the setting sun will shine upon the keyhole. Then they leave Rivendell.

Goblins and WargsEdit

Then at the Misty Mountains and seek shelter in a cave then Bilbo yelled as the ponies were falling “we’re being robbed. Then Thorin said run away from the Goblins bur them they are captured. And are taken to The Great Goblin them [The Great Goblin]] nearly eats Thorin bur then Gandalf kills The Great Goblin and they all run but Bilbo falls of and disappears.

Then Bilbo finally meet up with the Dwarves up they are caught by the Wargs and the Goblins. Them they all ran up trees. Them came the Eagles picking the Dwarves and others. Them they land them by Mirkwood Forest.


Them [[Gandalf told them he was leaving for good and told them Bilbo was his replacement. Them they entered Mirkwood. Them few days later the Dwarves were captured by Spiders. But Bilbo saves the and told to go to the Wood Elves. But the Dwarves are captured by the Wood Elves and taken to the Eleven King who but’s then in cells but Bilbo saves them by pushing them into barrels and riding them to Laketown.


Then the Dwarves arrive At Laketown and get reassurance from Bard a guardsman. Then they leave Laketown. At Lonely Mountain they waited days until they saw the keyhole then Thorin used his key and the secret entrance opened up then Bilbo entered. Then Smaug left to Laketown after Bilbo went to the Dwarves.


Then the next week Bard came and asked for gold because he killed Smaug but Thorin says no. Then the Elevn Kings asked for gold he says no as well so wat begins. The next day just before battle starts Gandalf tells them Goblins are coming so they join together.

Later LifeEdit

Bifur fought and survived The Battle of Five Armies and continued to to lived in Lonely Mountain for the rest of his life. His exact death date is unknown.


Bifur wears a yellow jacket with grey clothes underneath. His hair is gray. His hairstyle is in most scenes covered by a yellow hood but at Hobbitcon you see his hairstyle is long like his cousin Bombur. He wears gray boots.


  • Bifur looks almost the same as his cousin Bofur.
  • When The Dwarves were trapped by Goblins Bifur is next to Bilbo Baggins
  • Bifur is one of the Dwarves who does not speak